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Under the Patronage of the vice President of the Lebanese Parliament

Mr. Elie Al-Ferzli

The "New Horizon Conference" discusses the role of the U.S. administration under Donald Trump in regional and international instability which is fully compatible with Israel's agenda in the region, and the possible consequences, as well as highlighting the crisis of liberal globalization, excessive sanctions and unfair and persistent use of power.

The deterioration of the world order under these policies underscores the importance of cooperation and partnership to create a new international order based on pluralism, tolerance and justice. And in this context, an international conference entitled "Towards Truth and Peace; Challenges and Opportunities" will be held in Beirut on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September 2019, in which a group of international figures from the United States, Russia, Europe, the Arabic and Islamic worlds, Lebanon and a number of other countries will participate along with a number of intellectual, political, academic and media figures.